History is alive with tales of ghosts, specters and phantoms whose anguished cries rarely escape to the mortal plane. And rarely are the living able to commune with the dead.

A late-night disturbance call leads Lazarus Jones of the Detroit Police Department to an abandoned school, the site of a gruesome multiple murder some 10 years past. What should have been a routine visit becomes a disaster of supernatural proportions when hordes of malevolent, demonic spirits—tortured souls imprisoned for eons and lusting for vengeance—are accidentally unleashed. Man-made weapons will barely keep the demons at bay; only through mastery of the paranormal will Jones be able to hunt down and capture the howling fiends before they destroy the world of the living.


  • Nightmarish, suspenseful storyline and cinematic visuals unite with intense 1st and 3rd-person shooter combat for an action-horror experience of the highest caliber.
  • Chilling "haunted and hunting" gameplay—stalk, battle and capture the vengeful spirits of the undead.
  • Roam freely across a vast and sinister phantasmagorical landscape. Explore macabre locales like a clandestine research lab, a sunken ship and a demon-infested swamp.
  • Arm yourself with a vast array of both earthly and paranormal weapons and items, from pistols and combat shotguns to ghost lassos, spirit capture grenades and spectral goggles.
  • Feed off the power of your captured phantoms—acquire supernatural abilities and summon helpful spirits to assist you in your quest.
  • Innovative, player-guided puzzles and tense stealth sequences extend gameplay

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Before Ghostbusters on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC came out... were there any good...

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Ghosthunter is a good horror game but is there any reason to buy this in front of...

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What can I say? There's not nearly enough horro games out there. Though not really...

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