On foot or in one of the 50 cars in "The Getaway" you'll have plenty of space to move around. Studio Soho has recreated 70 square kilometers of London, filled with cars, pedestrians and other objects. As an ex-con named Mark your seedy past catches up with you when your son is kidnapped by gang boss Charlie Jolson. Do whatever you can to rescue your son, even if that means rampaging through town doing crazy stunts.


  • Both men, desperate to clear their names, find themselves manipulated and controlled by the third: Charlie Jolson, a notorious crime boss and master of London's East End underground for over thirty years.
  • Operating on either side of the law, they're both desperate for revenge and, for different reasons, both out to bring down London's king of crime.
  • Play both sides of the story The Getaway has two complete, but interwoven, story threads. You can play through the game once as Mark Hammond, the gangster on the run, desperate to clear his name; then play through it again as the vigilante cop who stops at nothing, Frank Carter.
  • Over an hour's worth of compelling, movie-quality cut-scenes move the narrative along, delivered in a cinematic style that will engross you and drag you yet further into the dark and frightening world of organised crime.
  • Featuring possibly the largest living, breathing environment ever seen in an action game: you can move around more than 40 square kilometres of London back-streets and explore twenty interior real-life locations all immaculately rendered and riddled with underworld characters.
  • Every vehicle in the game can be taken and driven; but be warned that each car is also equally breakable.
  • When you're not in the car, you'll still be under threat on foot from any number of people who are out to get you. You'll need your wits about you at all times, and need to be prepared to back up your words with actions if necessary.
  • Bonus games allow you to explore the heart of London as an innocent tourist, or in a black cab or mini cab. All vehicles handle authentically, offering one of the most complete driving experiences around.

Hardware Requirements

8MB Playstation 2 Memory Card required.
56KB minimum space needed to save.
Analog Control Compatible: All Buttons.
Vibration Function Compatible.

Official URL

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Loved this more than any of the GTAs. Very special, very enjoyable. Shame the sequel finished it up. TheGetaway PS2
A title with average gameplay but a brilliant story TheGetaway PS2
Good game but is a little too challenging. However, I never give up. TheGetaway PS2

This game is very similar to the gameplay of the Grand Theft Auto games.
The game...

I own it, unfortunatly TheGetaway PS2
First off: don't compare it to GTA. Secondly: go to Lastly: Enjoy yourself with the greatest mob game yet. :) TheGetaway PS2

Overall this Game is fair, I call it fair as I think there are many things which...

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