The industry's first Hip Hop music game!
Get On Da Mic allows you to rap your way from the street to the stage with 40+ hit songs made popular by your favorite hip hop artists. Create the success story for all 10 characters, earning cash and spending it on hip hop's hottest brands!


With Get On Da Mic you can practice your rapping skills and compete with your friends in freestyle and multiplayer modes. Go from rags-to-riches from the streets to MTV's TRL to a packed stadium concert hall.
With over 40 of the hottest hip hop music tracks, customizable characters, and interactive urban environments, grab the microphone, compete against friends and capture the thrill of living the life of today's hip hop stars.


  • 40+ songs as performed and made popular by such artists as: Dr. Dre, Jkwon, Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Tupac and many more.
  • Celebrity-endorsed by MTV's Sway and others.
  • Grab the microphone, battle it out with friends, perform together, or go at it freestyle.
  • From clothes to yachts, outfit yourself and your crib with the cash you earn.
  • Interactive Environments and Crowds - Rock the stage and watch money fall from the sky. Lose your rhyme and you'll lose your crowd.
  • Customizable Characters - Personalize your style from head to toe with more than 15,000 possibilities.
  • Watch your performance on the TV screen as you rise up the charts with the Eye Toy

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