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If you love horse racing or are a fan of the Gallop Racer classics, Gallop Racer 2003 is the game for you. Not only will you experience horse racing through the eyes of a jockey you choose; you will also breed your own horse raising it to become one fine pure-bread champion.


  • Season Mode: Players can choose their main character from 6 available jockeys
  • Training Mode: Beginners to the Gallop Racer series will learn about breeding and racing their horse through a series of fun and exciting training classes
  • All new Betting System: A brand new betting system has been added to the Season Mode creating an all new integrated gambling experience where you are able to use your gambling earnings to buy new horses, training facilities, and new breeding equipment
  • Customize your horse: Each horse has unique abilities and distinctive traits
  • Mini Games: Breed more powerful horses through a series of intense mini-games
  • More tracks and horses: Over 3,000 new horses and over 30 new track environment
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