Galerians: ASH takes place six years after the original. This sequel offers fully destructible backgrounds, six or seven total psychic abilities, real-time 3D graphics, and more realistic violence.


  • Incredible graphics, heart-thumping gameplay and intense cinematic effects immerse gamers in a frightening, action-packed premise.
  • An epic struggle between man and machine, with heavy concepts derived from a future world where mind and matter meld.
  • Unique arsenal of psychic powers and psychokinetic weaponary, with new and improved weapons, pharmaceutical items and abilities.
  • Captivating cast of organic and artifically rendered good and evil, with new and returning characters.
  • The next exciting Galarians chapter, full of twists in an already "twisted" story.

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Ruined a good franchise, again GaleriansASH PS2
Based on gay anime character designs. For -curious- women. 5/10 GaleriansASH PS2

The background story behind the game is interesting, even for someone like me who...


better then the first one. really addicting can't stop playing it. if you liked the...

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