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Members of the Muscle League, the intergalactic federation of wrestlers from the Saturday-morning cartoon, are ready to battle it out on your PlayStation 2 console. Good guys and bad guys will take it to each other with spectacular wrestling moves and fast-paced gameplay. More than 40 Ultimate Muscle characters are included in the game and you can pit them against one another in various modes like singles, tag team, battle royal, and 5-versus-5 group mode. Complete different levels and challenges to unlock new wrestlers and they can all whale on each other in 7 different arenas. Up to 4 players can play Galactic Wrestling head-to-head or in tag team form.


  • Slam your foes with outrageous super galactic moves!
  • Pile on the mayhem, up to 4 players* at a time!
  • More than 45 wrestlers to choose from.
  • KO the competition to unlock hidden wrestlers.
  • 6 muscle-busting game modes including Tag Team and Battle Royal!
  • Catch it now on the Fox Box!

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