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Those furry little animals have come to PS2 to fight the good fight against the evil General Viggo who has kidnapped their families. There's new levels, enemies, recorded dialogue, and cel-shaded graphics.


  • Over 30 levels in six progressively harder worlds resulting in more than 70 hours of gameplay on your PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system!
  • Play as one of six differently skilled characters, each enabling you to solve specific puzzles and access different areas.
  • 20 wicked weapons to knock the stuffing out of Viggo's forces.
  • Complete dialogue delivers the unique Fur Fighters humor for a more immersive gaming experience. Check out their voices here (6.1mb MP3)
  • 'Cell shading' gives the action a stunning, new visual look.
  • All-new vicious weapons and enemies, including an electric charge gun and flame - throwing cows.
  • Enhanced game play on all levels: advanced enemy AI, improved puzzles, interactive environments and cinematic cut scenes.
  • Optional tutorial level so you can open fire on Viggo's forces right away.
  • New sub game: The Mighty Flea Challenge.

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This is a mind-screwing game. And yet so addictive... FurFightersViggosRevenge PS2
Really fun but my game sucks because it's all scratched up and doesn't work. FurFightersViggosRevenge PS2

Fur Fighters Viggo's Revenge may be a port of the dreamcast version, but it's a good...


this is one of the best games Ive played and ive not played many games its got good...


it only to me a couple a days to finish this game and get all the ids back(thats 1 big...


If this isn't the best action game for the PS2, I have no clue what is! You have got...

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