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A long time ago...
There existed a civilization in the east, which flourished through the power of alchemy. The king utilized alchemy to build giant cities, cultivate the land, and protect the citizens from invaders. The people both revered and feared the miracles performed by their king. But then, one day, tragedy befell them. The king committed a forbidden act and as a consequence, a terrible catastrophe struck the land. The civilization is said to have perished in a single night...

And then...
There lived two alchemist brothers who tried to bring their deceased mother back to life by attempting the most forbidden act in alchemy: human transmutation. And they, too, paid a terrible price.


Updated Alchemy System with a new and greater variety of resulting weapons and items.

New characters added specifically for this game not from the anime series.

Control of more characters like Colonel Roy Mustang or First Lieutenant Liza Hawkeye

Improved graphics from the previous game.

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very good game, although i keep dying the second time through FullmetalAlchemist2CurseOfTheCrimsonElixir PS2
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