Set in 2096, FRONT MISSION 4 takes place in Germany and South America six years after the original FRONT MISSION's Second Huffman Conflict. The game weaves the stories of the two main characters, Elsa and Darril.

The game opens with Elsa's story in Europe. Elsa, formerly a wanzer pilot for the French army, joins the Durandal, an E.C. (European Community) team that tests and researches wanzers. Soon after Elsa joins the Durandal, an unknown force of wanzers attacks an E.C. German base. The Durandal are sent to Germany to investigate this mysterious attack, where they uncover a dark plot.

The story then shifts to Darril in South America. The U.C.S. (Unified Continental States) Venezuelan governor has suddenly declared independence from the U.C.S. and deployed troops to blockade the country. U.C.S. troops are sent in to repress the Venezuelan forces. Darril and his unit are among those deployed, but they have no interest in war. Darril's story begins when he and his unit witness a plane crash in the jungles of Venezuela. What they find inside the cargo plane shapes their destiny…


  • All new Link System, which allows players to set up a combination of commands to perform spectacular offensive and defensive maneuvers against multiple enemies.
  • Thrilling plotlines connect the two main characters and seamlessly transition throughout the game.
  • Choose from a wide variety of wanzers and equipment.
  • Customize your wanzers for a range of battle support features such as air strikes, air drops, repair work, turbo effects, radar abilities, and EMP (electromagnetic pulse).
  • Explore and fight through massive, highly detailed map environments.
  • All new voice-overs, a first for the FRONT MISSION series.
  • Environment and weather influence battle tactics and weapon trajectories.

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