Inspired by the simple, addictive gameplay of the original arcade game, Frogger Beyond launches our green hero into a whole new world of challenges, obstacles and platform-action fun. The young hero is told that he must overcome a series of challenging obstacles as a right of passage into 'teenage-hood'. Frogger's troubles begin when our leaping lead frog sets out to conquer the lush world that he inhabits and is quickly faced with fierce foes and challenging puzzles.


  • Based on the internationally-recognized Frogger-style gameplay
    that was originally made famous in the arcades during the 1980s

  • Starring the amphibious hero, Frogger, one of the most memorable
    characters in video game history

  • Players can snowboard ice-covered mountains, travel through lava
    caverns and navigate the depths of outer space

  • Includes 8 unique worlds and over 40 enemies

  • Features a wide range of un-lockable features including hidden
    areas and power-ups

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