Amplitude - the sequel to Frequency, allows gamers to mix and remix songs from popular artists in a highly competitive atmosphere on the PlayStation 2. Players will 'activate' notes as they pop up on screen to make that sound. When all of the sounds are 'activated', the song is complete and plays through.


  • Amplitude allows players to play music from many different music genres, including Alternative Rock, Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal, Electronica and more.
  • There are more than 20 diverse songs and video content in Amplitude.
  • Players can sample music from top-tier recording music artists such as David Bowie, Weezer, Garbage, Logan 7, Quarashi and more.
  • Players can participate in five new arenas filled with unique visual environments.
  • Each song will have its own path through the arena, providing a completely different experience with every song, including music videos and streaming mpegs from the bands.
  • Players can customize their identity or "FreQ", an all-new 3D representation of their player that jams with them during gameplay.
  • Six different game modes, including online play, and multi-player for one to four players.
  • Four difficulty modes for all types of gamers including mellow(easy), normal(medium), brutal(hard) and insane(difficult).

Editor's Note:

Previously known as "Frequency 2".

Added on: August 15, 2002

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Oh, that wily Harmonix team. It appears that the secret project the team began teasing late... posted May 05, 14 9:57am

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To those of you that have no idea what this game is like or how it works let me...

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Before I get into this fantastic game, I will attempt to describe what it does. You...

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