With six different play modes, Frequency allows you to create your own music or mix songs from popular artists including Crystal Method and DJ QBert. Choose from genres including Trance, Rap, Drum 'n Bass, Alternative Rock, Electronica, and House. Another gameplay element involves eight 3D arenas where you can compete online by challenging opponents with your latest remix.


  • Records let you listen, videos let you watch, but Frequency allows you to take part! Utilizing songs from major recording artists, you mix and remix songs through each of eight different instrument types. If remixed correctly you can freestyle and create your own music!
  • Mix and remix hit songs from major recording artists within a variety of genres - Hip Hop, Alternative, Rock, Electronica, House and Rap Metal.
  • Play through 21 diverse levels. Each level consists of one musical composition, as well as music videos and other visual stimuli.
  • Four unique Play Modes - Solo Game, Net Remix, and Multiplayer Remix modes.
  • Create your own awesome freestyle music with remixing instruments such as scratching, guitar and synth.
  • Capture a variety of power-ups to add to your Music Juice - and keep the music playing!

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