Final Fantasy X-2 HD GameShark Codes (PS2)

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Master code (PS2) North America Master

This is the master code for this game. (You need it to be on or else other codes won't work)
94C497AC B5260F5C

Maximum Gil (PS2) North America

This code will give you max Gil. That way you can buy whatever you want.
244C4D2E D8B71A57

All garment grids (PS2) North America

This code gives you all the garment grids in the game.
44101628 103453EC
59B5493C 272991D8

All dresshperes (PS2) North America

You will have all the dresspheres with this code.
04101628 143473FC
14101629 143413FC
44111428 1034534C
3902D7E1 9FAB91E0
04101429 1434537C
04101428 143473CC