Final Fantasy X-2 Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
brinaxx Dec 28, 2012 None
jasojasonn Sep 18, 2009 None
HydraLady Jan 1, 2009 None
John403 Aug 14, 2008 None
VincentValentine May 18, 2008 None
Big_Burta Dec 30, 2007 It took forever, but I only got 66% because I missed so many jobs, and I got the lame normal ending. But I unlocked a lot of secret locations, and I completed a good chunk of the episodes. I got to lvl. 99 on all my girls as well.
Crys4MJ Oct 14, 2007 None
Nurio Feb 1, 2007 i'll trade this game for final fantasy XII revenant wings in perfect condition and its for the ds
JermalMC Jan 2, 2007 None
SandyPanda Jan 1, 2007 None
mika10045 Apr 22, 2006 I have nooo clue when I actually beat it, I borrowed the game from a friend.
r3vo1uti0n Apr 21, 2006 i obtained 100% total at the time mentioned (bout summer 06) i got 99% in one play thru then got the last percentage from siding with the other team in CH2. i thought alot more had done this, guess not. Go me!
selphie38 Apr 5, 2006 this game was cute and i got to see what happend after FF10 ^_^ just lots of fun crap to do. I got the 100% also! Score 8/10
ulorla Apr 4, 2006 well I got throught the game and got that %100 complete so I could see the perfect ending.
Magnaillusion CM Feb 25, 2006 Got a 68% on the first playthrough.
Subaru7 Feb 20, 2006 I've got 100% now
JennyW Jan 1, 2006 100%
lunarose8 Jan 1, 2006 None
Vulcan Jan 1, 2006 I completely rushed this because I was only playing it because it had FFX in the title. I didn't like how they added to the story of FFX (which I think ended very nicely) but the gameplay was good. I got the bad ending, and only realised about two weeks after completion that there was more than one.
Agatsuma Soubi Jan 1, 2006 After multiple playthroughs, have mastered all Dresspheres with all three girls-except Mascot and Lady Luck because I suck at Sphere Break and I keep accidentally doing my last Episode Complete at Zanarkand...
Daisy Sep 10, 2005 None
Steven_H Jul 1, 2005 Finally got 100%
BlitzerNatu Apr 11, 2005 I just completed it. Nothing much.,
BBK_Kid Apr 1, 2005 None
FinalFantasyX Girl Jan 1, 2005 None
Hell Fire Jan 1, 2005 Score: 7.9/10
Krunal May 1, 2004 None
Kataki Apr 1, 2004 None
RpgGuru Jan 1, 2004 None
Shuyu Jan 1, 2004 None
Acid Rayne Jan 1, 2004 Yeah, I like this game, so what? T_T
Death Kitten Jan 1, 2004 None
Stagnant_Progression Jan 1, 2004 This is probably my least favorite FF ever.
Lycanthrope Jan 1, 2004 It was an okay game. I loved the battle mode a lot, but the story is kinda lame and uninteresting. close the end of the game I actually stopped playing cause I lost interest and didn't even care how the game ended. Eventually came back and beat it some many months after when I was bored. >.> Didn't unlock everything.. Probly never going to either, lol. I'd have to be insanely bored and have nothing else to do.
FFXFREAK Dec 1, 2003 None
Nicholas II Nov 1, 2003 None
0Zero0 Jan 1, 2003 None
OrganizationMember14 Jan 1, 2003 Sister got this game. I put in a lot of hours and after a couple play throughs got bored of it. I maybe put in 200+ hours into this game.
swordwielder Jan 1, 2003 None
SerialZero No completion date None
finalfight No completion date None
gaiablade64 No completion date I actually played it long enough to finish it...
Nashira No completion date None
Squaresoftgamer No completion date None
c0m1ng 3vil No completion date None
Sindrak No completion date None
Orichaldagger No completion date None
Chaos Seraph No completion date None
BlasterMage No completion date None
MaxMan85 No completion date None