Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System Own / Want List

Username Comments
Akira_EX None
sora999 None
DragonSlayer45 None
tool _A None
Tartarus None
GhostofSparta None
sincycle None
Renegade Spartan 911 None
KiRa2307 None
ashe88888888 if anyone knows of a title of the game in north america it would be appreciated, thanks :)
Vinism None
Issuereed None
SpartanNinja None
GreaterBasch None
ZXsamuri None
oviguan182 None
LevenderGirl None
eeveegirl None
Holy Elemental None
Blue-Dragon None
I Am Awesome None
Dragonstar748 None
ThFc66921 None
ffdaveforever None
roberto127 None