Final Fantasy XII Own / Want List

Username Comments
brinaxx None
Kirago None
DJuzumaki None
HydraLady 109 hours to finish
RizzyJay None
tyranid360 None
FinalFantasyX Girl None
JermalMC None
Xonora None
Infction Super game, any RPG fan would love it.
gonzab 9/10
Steven_H None
Dark_Magic None
DragonSlayer45 None
Just Mii None
Sindrak None
lunarose8 None
Lycanthrope None
Nurio None
Hell Fire None
Acid Rayne I beat all Marks except Ixion and Yiazmat.
Just a Shadow None
XemnasLFSolidor None
SerialZero None
Nymosus None
InvaderHera None
pk_9584 None
finalfantasyguy13 None
DivineDragoon747 None
Cerebral Assassin Collector's Edition
Akira_EX None
Wyldone None
Krunal None
Turkagent None
Shana None
DSduffaroo45 None
cheatheadVIII None
Deathsythe None
Saevus None
djjimmy2k2 None
Mystic None
candyo1965 None
Lightice one of possibly the best FFs bought a new dimension to the series
Jeg I just got it today! October 31st!
Inuyasha64 Me want
FFAnthologyFreak None
Dude_Mcduderson None
Cheetah Dragon None
rellek Excellent
GameFreak101 None