Final Fantasy XII Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
brinaxx Apr 30, 2012 None
Kirago Jan 1, 2011 None
DJuzumaki Nov 22, 2009 None
00100100 Jan 1, 2009 None
HydraLady Jan 1, 2009 None
RizzyJay Oct 26, 2008 Defeated all marks except marks available once sky bahamut was active. Defeated Hell Wyrm. Level were 75,74,74 for Balthier, Basch, and Vaan (I think.) 87hrs. Thoroughly enjoyed the game ;D
tyranid360 Aug 26, 2008 None
FinalFantasyX Girl Jun 4, 2008 None
JermalMC May 9, 2008 None
Xonora May 1, 2008 A great game. So many things to do on there.
final fantasy master Mar 6, 2008 None
Shuyu Jan 1, 2008 None
Subaru7 Dec 16, 2007 I'm still gunning for Yiazmat, Zodiark, Ultima, Omega MKII and Hell Wyrm.
Infction Oct 12, 2007 Completed all the hunts, all espers, but dont have every weapon.
gonzab Oct 1, 2007 None
keyblademaster07 Oct 1, 2007 all characters level 99, all spells, all of the ultimate weapons, all hunts, all side-quests completed, 5,000,000 gil, 99 of most healing items(potions, phoinex downs, etc.)
Steven_H Aug 10, 2007 This game was awesome
SmaXa Jul 13, 2007 Great Game, so fun finishing at level 40. ;)
Dark_Magic Jun 16, 2007 Defeated Hell Wyrm Found the Masamune blade Average Party Level: 75 Found All Technicks Found All Magics Completed the License Board Halfway through the Game Defeated Gilgamesh Defeated the Trickster Defeated Carrot Defeated Yiasmat Found All Espers Only Have Four Tokens Left in Sky Pirate's Den
DragonSlayer45 May 26, 2007 I've beaten the game with no help. The battles were hard from start but I understood it and I beat the Final Boss and Peace reigns across Ivalice
BBK_Kid May 1, 2007 Well, there's my current challenge, DCHLB (Dual Character, Half Liscense Board). Fran gets the top, and Balthier gets the bottom. It's like Sky Pirates: the Game.
DarkHound Apr 19, 2007 i somehow beat the game...with a little help from my couz
Just Mii Mar 22, 2007 None
Etherlight Jan 28, 2007 Equips blah blah, Yiazmat blah blah, doing 122333 blah blah. You know the deal ;)
Sindrak Jan 1, 2007 None
Seung Jan 1, 2007 Completed mostly everything, still need a few entries in bestiary but thats about it.
lunarose8 Jan 1, 2007 None
Lycanthrope Jan 1, 2007 I actually love the massive battle system change. Alltho sometimes it was too easy.(Except some of the Hunt and sidequest bosses massacred me many times.) I played the entire game on Active battle mode, on highest speed. More fun that way. 10/10
Nurio Jan 1, 2007 beat everything 100% complete!
Aungyk Dec 29, 2006 i've completed the game but still can't beat omega
Hell Fire Dec 1, 2006 Score: 7.2/10
mantisboyN Nov 3, 2006 i got addramelech really really early. way too early.i would have gotton killed by any monsters in the dungeon by one hit. but i was fast. and im jewish so yah
Acid Rayne Nov 1, 2006 I got the Collector's Edition, and I'm one of those who absolutely refuses to look at the bonus features until I've beaten the game, so I kinda rushed through it. ^_^ So far, I've beaten every Clan Hunt except Yiazmat, and he's down to 8 bars of HP.
selphie38 Jan 24, 2006 this game was one of the worst ff cuz there wasnt a good story and no love story and the colors were dull and no charater development. but it wasnt all that bad....i guess Score 5/10
Just a Shadow Jan 1, 2006 None
OrganizationMember14 Jan 1, 2006 Beat this game 6 times so far. I have been obsessed with this game lately and couldn't stop playing it.
XemnasLFSolidor Jan 1, 2006 the game's real good.but beating the last boss was painful.the graphics are good...
VTOLEGEND Jan 1, 2006 I obtained as many espers as I could before defeating VAYNE.
Aubishia Jan 1, 1997 *Nearly* Complete. Still happily searching for a few more sidequests (Yiazmat, Hell Wyrm, Zodiark, the likes)
SerialZero No completion date None
Nymosus No completion date None
Squaresoftgamer No completion date None
c0m1ng 3vil No completion date None
InvaderHera No completion date None
pk_9584 No completion date None
Orichaldagger No completion date None
Chaos Seraph No completion date None
MaxMan85 No completion date None
Fran_17 No completion date None
Riku31069 No completion date None