Final Fantasy XII Code Breaker Codes

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rating: 5.00/5.00

Master Code [North America]

Enable Code (Must Be On)
B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
68355FBF BB43E31E
38226D71 D4FCC702
4BC6D84B 60E973B6
01A4D83D CEDF2A48
2A58E758 62CD923C
Verified by: dondon52, Luistoro Submitted by: marquinho on May 13, 2009

rating: 5.00/5.00

Max Strength Vaan [North America]

Character Vaan 99 str
Verified by: dondon52, georgylima Submitted by: marquinho on May 13, 2009
rating: ---

Weapons And Loot [North America]

Have All Weapons (CB2v6+ & GS2v4)
1054E82A 00000063
4054E82C 00500001
00630063 00000000
1054E978 00000063
1054E982 00000063
40553A4C 004F0001
10021001 00020002
20553B88 10A810A0
10553B8C 000010AD
005548BC 000000A1

Have All Loot (Includes NO miniquest or storyline loot) (CB2v6+ & GS2v4+)
1054EB70 00000063
4054EBB0 00660001
00630063 00000000
2054ED48 00630001
2054ED4C 00630063
2054ED50 00630001
2054ED54 00630063
2054ED58 00010001
105544B6 00002000
405544B8 006B0001
20212020 00020002
005548E4 000000D7
Verified by: oneea, Tony38 Submitted by: Rufus Shinra on February 04, 2009