Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Code Breaker Codes (PS2)

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rating: 5/5

Master Code (PS2) North America Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)
B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
68355FBF BB43E31E
38226D71 D4FCC702
4BC6D84B 60E973B6
01A4D83D CEDF2A48
2A58E758 62CD923C

Weapons And Loot (PS2) North America

Have All Weapons (CB2v6+ & GS2v4)
1054E82A 00000063
4054E82C 00500001
00630063 00000000
1054E978 00000063
1054E982 00000063
40553A4C 004F0001
10021001 00020002
20553B88 10A810A0
10553B8C 000010AD
005548BC 000000A1

Have All Loot (Includes NO miniquest or storyline loot) (CB2v6+ & GS2v4+)
1054EB70 00000063
4054EBB0 00660001
00630063 00000000
2054ED48 00630001
2054ED4C 00630063
2054ED50 00630001
2054ED54 00630063
2054ED58 00010001
105544B6 00002000
405544B8 006B0001
20212020 00020002
005548E4 000000D7
rating: 5/5

Max Strength Vaan (PS2) North America

Character Vaan 99 str