This is the story of a world called Ivalice. The strong military kingdom known as the Arcadia Empire that rules the Valentia Continent, and the Rosalia Empire that rules the Ordalia Continent have been continuously at war for long years. In the midst of it, Arcadia Empire invaded the small kingdom of Dalmasca, positioned in the hallway between the two continents and thus is geopolitically important. Under the invasion of the Arcadia Empire, the Dalmasca Kingdom accepted defeat. But Ashe, the rightful heir to the trone of Dalmasca, joined the resistance army movements to fight against the empire. The enemy's chase and attack of this girl with the liberation of her mother nation in heart is severe, but, she can not be defeated. At this moment, she meets the young man Vaan. With this meeting, begins the change in Ashe's heart. And thus... The meeting of these two people will greatly change the story of this world.


  • Active Dimension Battle System - A New System where the enemy appear on screen along with your characters, meaning no more random battles, no more battle loading screens and victory screens
  • Rotating Camera - Use the right analogue stick to rotate the camera and to see the area around you
  • Enemies Fighting Each Other - With a new ADB System, enemies will now also attack each other, as well as you
  • License System - Before you can use a particular weapon, or magic attack you must first get the license for it
  • Character Switching - Switch the character that you control in the midst of a battle
  • KO's - If one of your characters are knocked out, another will take its place if you have more than 3 characters available at any time.
  • Day/Night - A Clock that will change the layouy depending on the time of day has also been
  • Gambit System - A Gambit system to let the computer fight against the enemy, whilst you tell the team what overall strategy to use

Hardware Requirements

1 player
8MB PS2 Memory Card required to save
Saves; 100 KB minimum
Analog Control Compatible: analog sticks only
Vibration Function Compatible

Official URL

Official Site (JP)
Official Site (NA)
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help i want to have all.licenses codebreaker codes FinalFantasyXII PS2

Final Fantasy fans may or may not spaz out and have to be resuscitated with this news: Square Enix is releasing... posted Aug 31, 12 7:08am

I wish they would remake it for the Xbox 360 and PS3 FinalFantasyXII PS2
This is easily my No. 1 favorite game. I've never owned a game that I've loved more than this :D FinalFantasyXII PS2

Winning the fiftieth round of Articles of Excellence, Insanity Prevails marks the milestone with his review of Final Fantasy XII. Describing it as one of those games others seem to like but you can't pinpoint why, he explores a game featuring lacklustre elements to explain why it doesn't rank high in the Final Fantasy series.

 Final Fantasy XII     Score: 2.0/5
 Genre: Fantasy RPG

  I gave FFXII a lot of my time but it got to the point that I was forcing myself onward in the hope that things would improve.

quote Insanity Prevails
Sometimes I seem to come across a game that seems to do a lot horribly wrong and yet garners the praise of critics and gamers alike, which leaves me in a peculiar situation where I'm struggling to understand how people can see the positives. It doesn't help that the Final Fantasy series is essentially seen as one of most iconic in the realm of JRPGs. Yet, I cannot bring myself to like this game. While the failings are few, they are significant enough to ruin the experience and make me wish I had picked up a different title instead.


However, while character portrayal through the voice acting is well done, the story feels a little basic and too familiar to really grab my attention. Maybe the gameplay was distracting me for all the wrong reasons but I found it hard to really give too much attention to the plot events that were running along. Something about empires invading and a rebellion and political struggles and a bunch of loveable rogues getting caught up in something that's much more than they expected. It's not exactly bad but we've been here so often and FFXII offers nothing to make it stand out. Character development doesn't seem especially strong here either, which may impact on things, but the pacing is also a factor that might have made me not care at all.
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Sometimes I seem to come across a game that seems to do a lot horribly wrong and yet...

urggh, couldnt get into this game.. once I finish 9 this WILL be next I swear.. FinalFantasyXII PS2
Horribly under appreciated. The "mob hunt" side quests made me realize that the XII combat system is the best the series ever had. Amazing! FinalFantasyXII PS2
The best main series Final Fantasy. I love this game and can't get enough of it. Amazing story, characters and gameplay. FinalFantasyXII PS2
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