Final Fantasy X Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
cecil_pldn Jan 1, 2013 None
brinaxx Feb 10, 2012 None
Dante_Nero Jan 1, 2012 None
matthiew Aug 10, 2010 i got ALL of the aeons found a easy way to beat everae...and know all the airship codes
DarkDragoon May 10, 2010 None
WereJackal Feb 8, 2010 Endgame party: Tidus, Lulu, Auron, Yuna
HydraLady May 27, 2009 None
DJuzumaki Apr 16, 2009 None
b_eef Jan 1, 2009 i have Yuna, Tidus, Auron, and Rikku's legendary weapons.. and that's about it. lol.
lieutenant88pl Jan 1, 2009 None
gearlord22 Feb 1, 2008 completed all sidequests, killed EVERY monster and got all ultimate weapons
Paper Fox Jan 1, 2008 None
Machewman Jan 1, 2008 None
doomstar Jan 1, 2008 None
XxGunslingerxX Dec 19, 2007 umm it took me so long because I maxed out everything...
kylts1 Nov 12, 2007 None
Big_Burta Oct 22, 2007 My sister and I really slacked off while playing this game, so it took 40hrs longer than it should have, and it took over a year to complete, but we did it. But we haven't really completed many sidequests yet...
Lulufan1979 Sep 1, 2007 All legendary weapons except Kimahri and Tidus' fully powered. Wakka's Auroch's Spirit achieved in Blitzball. Completed the game approximately 6-7 times. Deafeated every form of Seymour in one shot (Surprisingly with his third form at Gagazet!).
SandyPanda Jul 1, 2007 None
ulorla Apr 13, 2007 Well im still working on the game although I have finished it I want to get everything there is to get all the best weapons and armor, well I had Yuna hitting with her little staff for over 8,000 when I finished the game that pretty good when she started at like a 10 hit.
Rikku_Cross Feb 20, 2007 It took me 90 hours but that was to beat everything 100%
aioni Feb 4, 2007 Completed this game like times, the whole game took me 2 hours maybey. My maximum gameplay currently is 188 hours or summin. Got all the celesial weps, didnt charge wakkas or lulus Beat most of the darks. Got an awesome blitz ball team. Over all its a pretty good game. A bit boring when you get really strong though, nothing seems to challenge me anymore.
JordieBo Feb 2, 2007 All aeons
Final Fantasy Angel7 Jan 1, 2007 ..............
theultiffxfan Jan 1, 2007 None
mitsanaga Nov 20, 2006 other than beating the dark Aeons i have done EVERYTHING i could find. oh and i havent finished the board yet, but im working on that, i am now on hour 110 and Rikku, Tidus, Yuna, and Auron are my powerhouses.
Nurio Nov 1, 2006 None
BxR Oct 21, 2006 None
Verdant_Abyss Oct 3, 2006 October the 3rd 2006 is the day in which I completely finished Final Fantasy X. I defeated all of the Dark Aeons, and then Penance, in the space of one day. I maxed Tidus', Wakka's and Rikku's stats and had their Celestial Weapons fully powered up. Their health was in the 30,000+ region. I defeated Nemesis in less than 10 minutes, and needless to say I had all of the Monster Arena creations unlocked and defeated and had caught 10 of every monster in Spira. I also played a lot of Blitzball (mostly because getting Wakka's crest/sigil took hours), and Tidus had reached level 75 before I finally got the sigil/crest. My playing time on the save file in which I have accomplished all of the above goes over 300 hours.
Slayerholic17 Oct 1, 2006 None
sweetheart3 Sep 22, 2006 None
Crys4MJ Aug 20, 2006 None
Secret Soul Jul 1, 2006 None
Silver Cloud Jun 15, 2006 Unlocked All Ultimate Stuff. Got Seymour. (Action Replay) Completed Sphere Grid.
Supernouva Jun 3, 2006 Beaten it three times.
elmonmates May 23, 2006 Time was long but i was an excellent blitzer. I didnt have all the aeons but the ones i had were really strong. I had 4 celestrial weapons.
Subaru7 May 23, 2006 I've got everything but Max Stats.
Vicarious Apr 11, 2006 Some special weapons and alot of Blitsball played.
Twilight_Okami Jan 7, 2006 Defeated all bosses, completed 3 times, defeated all dark aeons, have all secret overdrives for characters and aeons, and every single wep and things you can find!
vachegomoo Jan 1, 2006 None
Doza Oct 20, 2005 Celestial Weapons - Tidus Wakka Auron Yuna
Monko Sep 19, 2005 everything that you need in this is i've done cuz i dont have INT version!
GameAce Sep 1, 2005 All eons obtained, all Sphere Grids completed, all side-missions done, all Al Bhed translated, all weapons found/synthesised, main story-line beaten.
Meteor Rogue Jul 15, 2005 It took me about 4 months to finish, but I didn't play nonstop. Great game.
Vulcan Jul 1, 2005 This was a rushed file with no celestial weapons, four rejected characters, I didn't even look at BlitzBall and I didn't continue this file in the end. But, hey, I completed it!
TakeshiHin Jul 1, 2005 Finished it once. Then wanted to uberise every character. But got someone got in the house without permission and took my PS2+Games+Memcards with him. So got to do it all over again. That explains the 500+ hrs.
Daisy May 25, 2005 None
rogue chaos May 21, 2005 No big deal story was easy only had to train for end bosses and yunalesca done most of the little side quests as well
BBK_Kid Feb 1, 2005 Right now, there's the challenges: LO TOMoC KO AOMoC NSGNSNCNENNE NSGNSNONENNENBB (not completed) NSGRONO (not completed) Oh, and I've done over 1000 hours.
Massive Attack Jan 1, 2005 None