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Rei Kurosawa is a 23 year old photographer who, one day, finds her dead boyfriend in a photo she had taken at a 'supposedly' haunted mansion. Rei soon discovers a snake tattoo slowly spreading across her body, and later realizes that the spirits she must fight also have the tatoos on their bodies. There are also two other playable characters: Miku Hinasaki, who has returned after the original Fatal Frame as a cameraman's assistant, and Kei Amakura, a writer and very good friend of Rei's deceased boyfriend.


Fatal Frame III: The Tormented's gameplay is very similar to the gameplay of previous titles. The biggest difference though, is that gameplay has been split into two worlds - the real world and a nightmare world. The nightmare world is an old decaying world in "The House of Sleep" while the real world is modern Japan where you investigate pieces of the nightmare world to find out what is happening to your dreams. The second biggest change in Fatal Frame III: The Tormented is the addition of two playable characters, Miku (from the original Fatal Frame) and Kei Amakura (the uncle of two characters from Fatal Frame 2) By using these two characters, Fatal Frame 3 attempts to explain the events of the malice in all three games of the series.


  • Beautifually designed graphics
  • All new enemies
  • Three playable characters, each with their own abilities
  • Split between the nightmare world and reality
  • Amazing musical score including the themesong sung by Amano Tsukiko

Editor's Note:

Called 'Rei' in Japan

Added on: June 27, 2005

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