Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.9/10

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Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Reviews

website score publish date
Game Chronicles Magazine 8.8/10 Jul 05 '04
GameDaily 8/10 Jan 19 '04
GamingWorld X 8.3/10 Dec 01 '03
Kikizo Games 8.7/10 Jan 13 '05
NTSC-uk 7/10 Dec 01 '03
Thunderbolt 6/10 Jul 02 '08
EuroGamer 8/10 Apr 29 '04
Game Over 85% Dec 10 '03
GamePro 3/5 Dec 11 '03
GameSpot 8.2/10 Dec 11 '03
Gamespy 4/5 Dec 11 '03
GameZone 8.8/10 Dec 16 '03
IGN PS2 8.5/10 Nov 19 '03
Tech TV 4/5 Dec 16 '03
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Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Previews

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EuroGamer on Apr 29 '04

"If you feel like you've had your fill of this type of game, then there's not a huge likelihood that Crimson Butterfly will change your mind about that. For the aficionados, though, it’s another..."

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Game Over on Dec 10 '03

"...it may be a lot easier than the original, but in almost every other way--graphics, sound, atmosphere, storytelling, sheer style--it's a drastic improvement. With better puzzles and more..."

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GameSpot on Dec 12 '03

"Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly may be light on challenge, but it's still rich in great, dark atmosphere."

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Gamespy on Dec 12 '03

"Forget about zombies and haunted shopping malls. Tecmo sends you into the woods to deal with an unspeakable terror. Don't worry -- you have a camera to protect you."

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GameZone on Dec 19 '03

"Survival horror fans will have a ball with it, and if you like that kind of “scare the you know what out of you” gaming … you can’t get any scarier than Fatal Frame II." "

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