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For many years, the people of Takachiho Village in Tsukusu, western Zipangu - said by some to be descendants of the race of Fire - lived in peace in their island country. One day, a boy called Namida washes up on their shores, stripped of his past memories. He is rescued by a girl named Ichiyo, and the two grow up together as brother and sister. But on the night of the yearly festival, the seal of the Holy Mirror bursts open, unleashing the evil Ami spirits it had held captive. The whole of Tsukusu is thrown into chaos.

Having learned his true destiny, Namida sets out to rescue Tsukusu and his beloved Ichiyo from the Ami. And Ichiyo comes to learn something of herself as well: her power over fire. What is it the Ami want? And what does fate hold for our heroes at battle's end?
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Dec 23, 05 12:59am
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