: : : : : Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer


The Fantastic Four have an all new adventure, this time to stop the Silver Surfer and his reigning madness. Experience all of the incredible movie aspects in a great, action-packed storyline. Transform into any member of the Fantastic Four to fight enemies from the previous games and new ones such as the Silver Surfer, Super Skrull, and more.

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Scarlet Gamer
Aug 20, 09 8:57pm
Really fun. Fantastic4RiseOfTheSilverSurfer PS2
Jul 12, 09 4:17pm
Still in its packaging. Fantastic4RiseOfTheSilverSurfer PS2
Jan 23, 09 10:09am
i liked it because i can play it with the another player...^^ Fantastic4RiseOfTheSilverSurfer PS2
Sep 16, 07 7:16am
added 2 cheats
Jul 16, 07 4:11pm
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