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Take part in a quest to reawaken long-dormant technology in order to defeat a powerful enemy. Missions involve various hostile obstacles that must be overcome using tactical skirmish warfare. Squad-members improve with experience, increasing their skills and earning perks. Many varieties of weapons, from handguns to rocket launchers, allow the player to lay waste to his enemies. The fighting isn't limited to pedestrians, as squad-members may take the action to the streets with armed vehicles.


  • Strategy-RPG title set in the award-winning Fallout world.

  • Squad-based tactical combat.

  • Supports 1-2 players

  • Three customizable playable characters with unique traits, strengths and attributes to develop

  • Unleash over 50 ranged, melee and explosive weapons on hordes of radioactive and mutant creatures

  • Tons of equipment to acquire from defeated enemies – obtain stronger weapons and better armor

  • Intense combat can be turn based or real time.

  • Mature themes and visuals in a gritty world ravaged by nuclear war.

  • Both single-player campaign and multiplayer scenarios.
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It looks okay..? FalloutTacticsBrotherhoodOfSteel PC
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A good game, but a little borring then you have won the game 3 or 4 times FalloutTacticsBrotherhoodOfSteel PC
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Collector's edition FalloutTacticsBrotherhoodOfSteel PC
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