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Average Review Score: 8.0/10

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Indigo Prophecy Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Epinions 4/5 Oct 21 '05
1UP 8/10 Sep 19 '05
AceGamez 9/10 Sep 23 '05
Game Chronicles Magazine 8.0/10 Oct 25 '05
Game Revolution D+ Oct 18 '05
Gamespy 4/5 Sep 21 '05
Gaming-Age A Sep 26 '05 5/10 Dec 23 '08
ic-games 93% Sep 15 '05
PSX2 9.0/10 Oct 10 '05
Total Games 90% Sep 08 '05
GamePro 12/15 Sep 27 '05
GameSpot 8.4/10 Sep 21 '05
IGN PS2 8.4/10 Sep 19 '05
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Indigo Prophecy Previews

website publish date article rating
Just Adventure Jun 04 '04
GameSpot May 14 '04
GameZone May 03 '05
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Quoted from Indigo Prophecy Reviews:
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"Indigo Prophecy is a game that actually gives the term "cinematic gameplay" some context, as well as some real heartfelt meaning."
"Indigo Prophecy, quite simply, falls apart as it goes along. It effortlessly enamoured me upon release when I first started playing, and the false hope promised by the flickering embers of brilliance bullied me through the soul-crushing second half with a forced sense of optimism. "
"In a swamp full of safe bet first person shooters, WW2 real time strategies, pimp your ride racers and annual EA sport titles; Fahrenheit stands out head and shoulders above the rest. And part of the reason is because this particular game dares to be different from the others on the heap."
"An average gamer can expect to put in about 12 to 15 hours to run through this game, though depending on how good you are with the action sequences you can definitely get through faster. However, if you’re rushing through this game, you’re not playing it properly. For anyone craving a new, twisting suspense story with a little action mixed in, you’ll definitely come away with Indigo Prophecy as a satisfied gamer, and will remember it for a long while after."
"Fahrenheit is easily one of the most real gaming experiences ever committed to console, and because of this is feels like a real breath of fresh air from all the games that constantly demand that we suspend disbelief a little too often to make the experience enjoyable."