Taking extreme sports gaming to a new level EyeToy: AntiGrav implements the EyeToy technology in a completely new way through hoverboard gameplay. AntiGrav incorporates the use of color and body recognition technology though EyeToy technology. For the first time, players will move their body, not a controller, to guide their 3D character in steering, speed, and trick maneuvers, as they interact with the environment and avoid obstacles.


  • AntiGrav is the first 3D character based EyeToy game that uses color-recognition technology to track body movement in an extreme racing environment.
  • The racer's movements are processed to control steering, jumping, grinding, ducking, acceleration, braking, tricks, environmental interaction, and interface navigation.
  • EyeToy: AntiGrav features eight original characters with their own style and equipment, all part of the hoverboard scene.
  • Strap on your hoverboard and shred over diverse terrain through eight different levels, grinding on rails and taking flight to perform tricks, while interacting with the environment and original soundtrack.
  • Choose between different game modes or compete against your friend as you race alongside the "ghost" image of your friend's best performance.
  • Explore multiple paths on each course, discovering short cuts and unlockable sections for gameplay versatility.
  • Play to earn equipment and additional upgrades, including unlockable characters and more throughout the game.

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