Evergrace is a 3D action RPG in which players have the option of being Yuterald the Swordsman, or Sharami the Archer, each with its unique storyline. In DVD format.


Evergrace is an amazingly realistic RPG that was origianlly slated to be released for the PlayStation. After realizing that Evergrace was too ambitiously detailed for the PlayStation, From Software decided to release the game for PS2 where they could let their creativity shine.

Murder and revenge are the main theme of Evergrace. Yuterald and Sharami battle odd creatures and evil enemies and they make their way through a very realistic world. You'll be amazed at the detail in this game.


  • Changes in the equipment that the characters use and wear actually appear onscreen during the game. For example, if a character switches from wearing armor to a leather vest, you will see it in the game.
  • Prepare your character for battle with the Full Dress System.
  • Update your character with the Free Growth System.

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This game really confused me. By the time I bought this game, which was an EARLY PS2...


this game is the best if it had a more detailed storyline and was a bit more...


Personaly i like this game. Its not perfict... And today with games like FFX and such...


Ok you got a game called EverGrace and all you find out is that two count em two...


Evergrace is the first RPG I've allowed myself to play on the Playstation 2, since I'd...

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