Everblue is back! Follow the courageous heroes Leo and Zucco explore the mysteries of The Bermuda Triangle. Be sure to evade those sharks while traveling along the side of the coral reef!


This is a point-and-click adventure game and a 1st person view one.You can talk to NPCs on the island and dive anytime.When you're above the sea everything is point-and-click but when you're diving you can swim around but it's not 3D because you can't go up or down.If you have an "element" in your sonar you can search for items down there or you can visit sunken ships where the items are visible and they are the only places that are 3D.

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Shorty83 and 6 others own Everblue 2
Dec 01, 07 11:41pm

The game is great. You basically scuba-dive but it's fun to do requests and salvage...

Jun 19, 03 11:53pm
added 2 cheats
Mar 09, 03 4:27am

Huaaaaaaaaaaa, please make it the 3rd one pleaseeee....
It is lot of fun, and better...

Master Mind
Jan 11, 03 1:10am
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