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From the opening tip-off to player-of-the-game interviews, ESPN NBA 2Night 2002 combines full-court, fast-paced NBA action with comprehensive ESPN coverage. Endorsed by all-star guard Tracy McGrady of the Orlando Magic, this game lets you experience all the intensity and attitude of NBA basketball. Dramatic facial animations and game-specific sounds heighten the realism. The Featuring full ESPN integration, ESPN NBA 2Night 2002 offers informative stats, a new soundtrack featuring DJ Hi-Tek and others, unconventional camera angles, and entertaining play-by-play. Legendary NBA announcer Brent Musberger and ESPN's Stuart Scott hold court on commentary, while Philadelphia 76ers point guard Eric Snow delivers in-depth analysis.


Elevate your game with thunderous alley-oops and over 30 authentic, lane-quaking jams. Or, play basketball utilizing formation changes of your predetermined coaching strategies. But there's more to the action than just silky-smooth animations and incredibly accurate game play. NBA 2Night puts you in the role of upper management with Franchise Mode, the ability to conduct rookie drafts, sign and re-sign players, contract free agents, make trades and set contract terms for up to 25 seasons.


  • With full ESPN integration, ESPN NBA 2Night 2002 features ESPN's unconventional camera angles and microphone placement, mind-blowing graphics, informative statistics, and entertaining play-by-play commentary.
  • ESPN's Brent Musberger and Stuart Scott make a return appearance to provide the most in-depth game-coverage analysis available.
  • ESPN NBA 2Night 2002 is endorsed by one of the NBA's most "magical" players - Orlando Magic All-Star guard Tracy McGrady - who will support the title through an exciting NBA 2002 All-Star weekend promotion.
  • New player animations and textures provide the best graphics of any basketball game to jam on a console.
  • New rim-shattering dunks and championship defense including backboard pins, blocked jump shots and steals in the open court.
  • Hot new soundtrack featuring slamming tracks by Pete Rock, DJ Hi-Tek and others.
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