ESPN NBA 2Night Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.6/10

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ESPN NBA 2Night Reviews

website score publish date
DigitalSports 66% Apr 05 '01
Games Radar UK  --- Feb 13 '01
GameSpot 7/10 Mar 09 '01
Happy Puppy 6.5/10 Mar 19 '01
IGN PS2 6.4/10 Mar 06 '01
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ESPN NBA 2Night Previews

website publish date
Antagonist Games Network Oct 17 '00
GameCenter Dec 01 '00
Happy Puppy Nov 20 '00
IGN PS2 May 11 '00
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Antagonist Games Network on Oct 17 '00

"The thing that separates one basketball game from another is arguable -- some say graphics, some say playability, some say the AI. No one can argue that ESPN and Konami have nailed all these factors."

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DigitalSports on Apr 05 '01

"Even though NBA 2Night has quite a few flaws, it is a solid (yet unspectacular) basketball title for the PS2."

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GameCenter on Dec 02 '00

"The game will shoot for realism with facial animations for all the players. In addition, 25 unique dunks and more than 40 low post moves will all feature motion-captured animation to ensure fluid..."

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Games Radar UK on Feb 26 '01

"With such All-Star competition out there, it really isn't surprising that ESPN NBA 2Night fouls out."

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GameSpot on Mar 12 '01

"Although NBA 2Night shows potential as the first game in Konami's new basketball series, it doesn't excel in any specific category and thus finds itself a step behind EA's NBA Live series."

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