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Skate on the streets in 6 locations including San Fran, L.A. and New York. Compete in 3 different tournament stages, choose your skater from 8 pros and pick one of 64 authentic boards. Then rip it up to tunes from artists such as Linkin Park, New Found Glory, Voodoo Glow Skulls, and more.


  • Grind rails and hit jumps all over the park course or go huge in the half pipe as games skate in amazing re-creations from the 2000 X Games in San Francisco.
  • Three action stages in a variety of locations including New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles enable riders to maneuver around cars, grind on handrails and perform sick tricks in detailed urban settings.
  • Choose any one of three detailed fantasy levels that put riders on unimaginable courses including the world's most famous oceanliner, a museum with plenty of prehistoric inspiration and some awe-inspiring ancient ruins.
  • Select any of eight accomplished pro skateboarders including Bob Burnquist, Colin McKay, Chris Senn, Kerry Getz, Carlos DeAndrade, Chad Fernandez, Rick McCrank and Lincoln Ueda along with all their sponsors and equipment.
  • Still learning to get insane air? Try the practice mode with an interactive tutorial for tricks and combinations including advice from the pros.
  • Utilize the game's two player split screen mode to go head-to-head for an in-your-face demonstration of skills.
  • Choose any one of 64 authentic skateboards and adjust your settings for different speed and handling characteristics.
  • Featuring over 12 high-intensity tunes from artists such as Linkin Park, New Found Glory, Voodoo Glow Skulls, and more.
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The realism is good but its too much. They go into way too much detail in terms of...


Well this is an average game really. There are some good qualites like it's realism...




Its cool because you feel like your right in the X-Games


Great Places to skate and Awsome Secrets

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