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When you find out that your biotech employer is plotting to destroy the world, you and your co-worker girlfriend try and get the hell outta there. But your girlfriend is captured and her soul is to be used as the key ingredient in Wisdom Inc's evil weapon code-named E.O.E. You'll make your way through free-roaming 3D environments fighting in close-combat against dozens of unique enemies, each with their own styles and weapons. Collecting power crystals will give you special qualities.


  • Huge, free-roaming, fully interactive 3D environments.
  • Fight in close combat against dozens of unique enemies and level Bosses, each with different fighting styles, strengths and weapon types.
  • Collect different power crystals to transform your Legacy into a variety of weapons, all with special qualities like time-stop, anti-gravity and energy projectiles.
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Action games. They are everywhere. Some include the so-so Chaos Legion, and the great...


if u like this game there is something wrong with you. i mean the soul of a person...


I would highly reccomend this game. When I first bought it, it was because I had...


I first started this game as a skeptic. I was a bit biased, since I bare a grudge...


I got this game because it looked interesting and boy was I right, it puts you in the...


you will just have to play the game.

Eidos has sent us the word that their PS2 title, EOE: Eve of Extinction, has shipped and should be arriving in... posted Feb 28, 02 2:19am

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