End Game is a cinematic light-gun shooter set in the near future. The story takes place within the virtual reality environments of computer systems as well as the real world. You play as Jade, who must save her boyfriend Tyler who is on the run from EuroDream, evil corporate builders of a virtual realty world. The storyline does not follow a linear pattern but instead is determined by your skills and the choices you make. The real-world environments are based on locations around Europe.


  • Graphical innovations never seen before in a light gun game allowing for stunning shadows, focus and motion effects.
  • Hyper Mode that alters the challenge depending on the player's skill keeping the experience intense for all players.
  • Unsurpassed Boss A.I.--Enemies react to your playing style and adjust their strategy.
  • Over 20 painstakingly detailed locations in "real" world settings, each with varying gameplay.
  • Over 7 different modes of play--including training mode and a unique two player mode
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