Due to severe overpopulation, the planet Earth's diameter is increasing with the growth of towering mega-cities, each inhabited by millions of humans. Buildings are growing ever-upwards, interconnected with a thick web of roads, walkways and service channels. In these giant human hives, only the affluent may feel the rays of the sun and breathe the cleaner air.

Descending thousands of feet through the echelons, conditions steadily decline to slum level. The inhabitants of these squalid areas barely glimpse the murky sunlight that filters through the dense infrastructure above. And below the slums lie even more repugnant conditions, an underworld occupied by criminals, cultists, the wretched and deranged. Assumed derelict, the very lowest of these areas is visited only by structural engineering teams when foundations require strengthening - in order to accommodate yet further elevations.

It is within one such city that Project Eden is set. The player(s) controls a team of 4 members of the UPA (Urban Protection Agency) - an elite force which deals with serious disturbances within the city. The team is initially called in to investigate problems at the Real Meat factory, in which all the equipment has started to simultaneously malfunction. Technicians sent to repair the machinery have gone missing without explanation. Here begins The UPA's sinister trail of inquiry.


  • Designed by the team that created the original Tomb Raider, Project Eden strikes with a radical combination of action and adventure.
  • Lead 4 specialists in innovative squad-based play into an abyss of vast caverns, snake-like tunnels, and luring dead-ends.
  • Switch control between members of your team at any time during play. Carter, the experienced squad leader. Minoko, the tech specialist. Andre, the skilled engineer. And Amber, the goliath Cyborg.
  • 11 chilling mission-based levels will test your exploration, puzzle-solving and survival skills.
  • Morphing enemies challenge you constantly, mutating as quickly as you learn how to destroy them.
  • Unique weapons and equipment increase your chances for success and survival. The Timeshock device can slow time around your opponents, the Extractor drains energy from hostile enemies, and the Disc Launcher can bounce exploding projectiles onto targets out of sight with laser trajectory guidance.
  • Control remotely operated equipment such as mini-rovers to reach inaccessible areas, hover-cameras to scout treacherous paths ahead, and gun emplacements to aid you in intense gunfire situations.
  • Mission intensity will likely exhaust your internal energy banks. Power-cell equipment may be replenished by tapping into still live energy sources below the city depths such as power-points, batteries and old generators.
  • Descend into the darkness alone in single player mode or with up to 4 others cooperatively in multiplayer, or head-to-head in Deathmatch.

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Is it possible to STAY dead? ProjectEden PS2

Project Eden is not your average shooter.

Brief Story:
Set far in the future, once man...

Eidos has just let us know that the PS2 version of Project Eden is complete and will be shipping to North American... posted Oct 22, 01 9:51pm

  • Genre: Adventure (PS2)
  • Perspective(s): First Person,Third Person
  • Developer: Core Design
  • Publisher: Eidos
  • Released
    North AmericaOct 22, 2001
    EuropeNov 2, 2001
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