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Designed with the casual golf fan in mind, Eagle Eye Golf delivers a fun and fast game of links, yet deep enough to challenge even veteran video game golfers. Play with up to 4 players on 7 challenging courses in a variety of game modes such as Mission, Tournament, and even team-based games. The game also features a robust course editor where you can recreate some of the world’s most famous courses with incredible accuracy or you can let your imagination run wild and design your own “out-of-this-world” fantasy courses.


  • A comprehensive course creation mode lets you freely create your own golf course. - Create the shape of your courses, add trees, lakes, and other objects freely, and save it to a memory card.
  • The analog stick is used to control your swing and can affect the hook and slice of the ball. - This simple yet challenging control system will appeal to novices as well as seasoned gamers.
  • Create and customize your own characters. - Various parameters for exterior features can be set to make your own unique characters that you can use in single player and multiplayer.Over 70 items and each item acquired has parameters called skill points, which increase as you use them.
  • One player mode has 6 different modes of play including a Tournament Mode, Mission Mode, and even a Survival Mode. - Multiplayer mode has 7 modes of play including stroke play, match play, and team based games.
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