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Dynasty Warriors 2 is a one-player fighting game that has the player battle it out with swords and other weapons against a multitude of onscreen enemies. The maps are large-scale battlefields, and you must overrun enemy encampments whilst protecting your own! Experience what it's like to do battle with your foes in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms universe. Use characters from Koei's strategy game series.

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The second most repetitive game I've ever played. Less captivating, though. But fun for a while. DynastyWarriors2 PS2
You flaming idiots! Take this! DynastyWarriors2 PS2

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This is one hell of a game for PS2, buying this game is worth it!

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Dynasty Warriors is a maginicant upgrade from its orginal game.

The game has you...


this game has it all for a fighting game. the graphics and the moves that you think...


Right, Lets get down to work.
A couple of days ago, when i was sitting in my chair...

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