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A remix of the hit game Dynasty Warriors 4, it is said to have new characters, levels, items, as well as movies. The gamesplay is the same as it was in Dynasty Warriors 4, defeat the leader or carry out the objectives.

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No doubt, the BEST Dynasty Warriors in the series. With great stages and the BEST music of the series, it had me playing for years. DynastyWarriors4XtremeLegends PS2
Msut not run out of money for meat buns DynastyWarriors4XtremeLegends PS2

I'll start this off with the good. This game is a lot of fun, and I consider it one...


In my opinion DW4:XL improved upon DW4 and made the whole thing more worthwhile. In...


When i first played the Dynasty Warriors sereies, it hooked me like a Panda on drugs....


To improve the game, the game developers and designers should think about making the...


This is the greatest game you have to get it. It is the best game in the WORLD.9until...


Overall this is another beautiful and masterful game. Anyone that likes the genre, the...

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