Dynasty Warriors 6 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 4.6/10

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Dynasty Warriors 6 Reviews

website score publish date
CheatCC 2.2/5 Dec 18 '08
GameZone 4.5/10 Nov 18 '08
IGN PS2 3.5/10 Nov 17 '08
Worthplaying 5.0/10 Jan 11 '09
Gamespot 5.5/10 Jun 29 '09
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Dynasty Warriors 6 Previews

website publish date
Total Playstation Aug 08 '08
GameZone Nov 03 '08
GameZone Nov 02 '08
IGN PS2 Aug 08 '08
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Gamespot on Dec 17 '08

"It's another Empires iteration of a Dynasty Warriors game, and it comes with all the tedium and light strategy you'd expect."

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GameZone on Dec 05 '08

"If this series were to receive a significant upgrade – perhaps via the DW: Gundam sequel – it could finally move beyond its troubled past. For now, unfortunately, it is stuck in a dated,..."

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GameZone on Oct 02 '13

"No hack-n-slash series is as famous (or infamous) as Dynasty Warriors. This weapon-based, button-mash-until-your-thumb-stops-moving adventure began w"

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IGN PS2 on Dec 05 '08

"Dynasty Warriors 6 isn't necessarily broken, but the fundamental formulas that govern the gameplay are terribly stale. But at the end of the day, hardcore Dynasty Warriors fan who only own a PS2..."

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