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Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires is the second expansion pack for Dynasty Warriors 5. Like DW4: Empires, strategy is the name of the game, with hacking and slashing not the be all and end all. Includes new items and new stages unique to this game.

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Needs more costumes for the characters and needs to be based on the Dynasty Warriors series itself. But still a good game. DynastyWarriors5Empires X360
not bad, though i should've bought the reg version DynastyWarriors5Empires PS2
Really fun! Can't stop playing! DynastyWarriors5Empires PS2
Don't like how the three kingdoms were set up well you can now make your own force and conquer the land. There are also 3 scenarios to... DynastyWarriors5Empires PS2
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