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Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires is the second expansion pack for Dynasty Warriors 5. Like DW4: Empires, strategy is the name of the game, with hacking and slashing not the be all and end all. Includes new items and new stages unique to this game.

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Feb 05, 11 6:54pm
Needs more costumes for the characters and needs to be based on the Dynasty Warriors series itself. But still a good game. DynastyWarriors5Empires X360
Mar 30, 10 11:33am
not bad, though i should've bought the reg version DynastyWarriors5Empires PS2
Oct 23, 09 6:17am
EXCELLENT DynastyWarriors5Empires PS2
Scarlet Gamer
Aug 18, 09 8:30pm
Really fun! Can't stop playing! DynastyWarriors5Empires PS2
Aug 08, 09 7:47pm
Don't like how the three kingdoms were set up well you can now make your own force and conquer the land. There are also 3 scenarios to... DynastyWarriors5Empires PS2
Mar 13, 09 12:36pm
7/10 DynastyWarriors5Empires PS2
Jun 25, 08 9:31pm
Apr 07, 08 1:49am
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RedNeck Dragon101
Oct 04, 07 4:26am
added a cheat
Jul 19, 07 3:45am
added a cheat
Jul 03, 07 9:37pm
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May 20, 07 1:23pm
added a cheat
Twisted Lu Bu
May 20, 07 7:40am
Best empires expansion yet DynastyWarriors5Empires PS2
sa rat
Mar 24, 07 7:10am
good DynastyWarriors5Empires PS2
lanky man
Nov 02, 06 8:23am
added a cheat
The Link Master
Oct 05, 06 9:19am
Cool game DynastyWarriors5Empires PS2
Zhou Tai Rocks
Sep 06, 06 3:10pm
added a cheat
Jul 20, 06 4:07am
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