Dynasty Warriors 5 GameShark Codes (PS2)

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Unlock All Codes (PS2) North America

Unlock All Movies
76077820 00000000
485C7582 0C427A56
2E187D54 0CA57A65

Unlock All Characters
76086350 00000000
2803ADFF F7967A56
2803AD7C 7C2D7A65

Player 1 Infinite Codes (PS2) North America

Infinite Health
760533B0 00000000
185EE3C0 0CA5B27C

Infinite Musou
76025AE0 00000000
185EE3D0 0CA5D32D

Player 1 Doubled Stat Codes (PS2) North America

Offense ( Doubled / x 2 )
760E6350 00000000
185E92B6 0CA52C0E

Defense ( Doubled / x 2 )
760A9A80 00000000
185E9219 0CA52C0E

Speed ( Doubled / x 2 )
76049B90 00000000
185E9222 0CA52C0E

Player 1 Rage Code (PS2) North America

Musou Rage
760D58D0 00000000
185E9276 0CA52C0E

Player 1 Max Codes (PS2) North America

Max Health
760C1970 00000000
185EE3D8 0CA5E4F6

Max Musou
76093FC0 00000000
185EE3A6 0CA5ACD4

Max K.O. Count
760F46E0 00000000
185BC9B1 0CA5E485

Have All Item Code (PS2) North America

Have All Items
76054770 00000000
485C447C 0CFB7A56
5963E5CC 0CA57A65

Player 1 Arrows Code (PS2) North America

760C71A0 00000000
085D3EC8 0CA57A4F

Player 2 Infinite Codes (PS2) North America

Infinite Health
7607CFC0 00000000
185E5C80 0CA5B27C

Infinite Musou
76014450 00000000
185E5C6D 0CA5D32D

Ranking Code (PS2) North America

760C03E0 00000000
280341FB F7A3B0AF
280341A0 688A7AF1

Life & Musou Code (PS2) North America

760D95B0 00000000
2816ED54 F7E2AC6D
2816ED01 F8AA7AF1
2816ED65 680D7A71
2803ADD8 0CA57A65
2803ADED A142692A

7604CC50 00000000
2816EDF2 F7E27AE5
2816ED37 680D7A6F
2803FD88 0CA57A65
2803FD2B A142690E