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Hide the ladies - Lu Bu's coming! This sequel has three times as many units to control, as well as combo attacks that require only a single unit to unleash. Your Generals also will have compatibility levels now; use friendly ones together, and they will do better on the battlefield.


  • New Points Evaluation Mechanism - After the game ends, a player's performance is evaluated on several criteria: number of complete defeats, number of (tactics) linkages and so on. At the conclusion of play, 'Martial Arts,' 'Ingenuity', and 'Leadership' ability values will be evaluated. Based on play results, the PEM ranks the player's ability, and matches a commander with a similar ability level. The player will then receive items corresponding to that commander.
  • New Feature: Explore Cities - Within cities, there are tactics training schools, streets, villages, and wizards' houses. You can learn new tactics at the training schools. On the streets and in the villages you can have conversations with the people and there are events as well. At the hermits' houses you can get items and receive instruction about rare tactics.
  • Stages, Events and Tactics
    <blockqute>84 Stages
    200 Battle and strategy events (More than twice as many as the original)
    96 Different Tactics </blockquote>

Editor's Note:

Titled "Sangokushi Senki 2" in Japan.

Added on: December 16, 2002

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