Fire Attack! Rockslide! Ambush! Combine a variety of Tactics to annihilate the enemy armies! Achieve victory in combat using detailed strategies in this brand new Three Kingdoms game.


  • All officers in charge of units have special attacks such as "Fire Attack" and "Ambush." Special attacks are activated when certain conditions are met on the battlefield. When positioned and timed right, one special attack may set off another unit's special attack, creating a "Tactical Combo."
  • In the game, the player becomes one of three heroes from the Three Kingdoms Era (Liu Bei, Cao Cao, or Sun Ce). The ultimate goal of the game is to recruit powerful officers, build a powerful army, and conquer 60 key cities in the land of China. The story progresses and special events are triggered when certain conditions are met; such as winning or losing a certain battle, or meeting a key figure in the story.
  • These events are displayed as beautiful CG movies. A multitude of endings have been prepared so as to give the player an accurate conclusion to the story progression. A faithful re-enactment of history, or a complete "What if?" story: The possibilities are endless.
  • Utilizing our unique Crowd Control Engine, we have created a gritty game atmosphere with character and background designs that are generally dark in tone. Great effort has been put into environmental effects such as dust clouds and mud splashes to emulate the thrill and suspense of battle.

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