Driver: Parallel Lines Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.9/10

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Driver: Parallel Lines Reviews

website score publish date article quality
EuroGamer 6/10 Mar 18 '06
Gamer Within 6.2/10 May 02 '06
Gamers hell 8.2/10 May 11 '06
GameSpot 6.5/10 Mar 14 '06  --- Jan 26 '06
Yahoo! Video Games 3.5/5 Mar 16 '06
Game Over 82% Apr 24 '06
Gamespy 3.0 / 5 Mar 20 '06
IGN PS2 7.2/10 Mar 15 '06
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Driver: Parallel Lines Previews

website publish date article rating
1UP Jan 17 '06
Computer and Video Games Feb 20 '06
Future Gamez Jan 31 '06
G4 Feb 28 '06
GamePro Dec 02 '05
GameSpot Oct 31 '05
Gamespy Jan 12 '06
IGN PS2 Aug 23 '05
IGN PS2 Sep 07 '05
PALGN Jan 12 '06 Jan 06 '06
Worthplaying Mar 09 '06
Yahoo! Video Games Sep 07 '05
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Quoted from Driver: Parallel Lines Reviews:
Check out these quotes from Driver: Parallel Lines reviews & previews
"We got a better feel for the driving-focused, mission-based gameplay that we mostly only got to hear about during our first look at the game. Early indications are that Parallel Lines will focus less on a grandiose, Hollywood-driven plotline and more on the nitty-gritty tire-squealing gameplay that made the Driver series a hit in the first place."
"...The new hero this time around is an 18-year-old go-getter with long hair who arrives in New York City in 1978, ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. Known simply as The Kid, sometimes as T.K., this new driver is set to cut loose in an open game world with some integrated mini-games. With missions set across Brooklyn, Manhattan, and The Bronx there are plenty of places to make some money and get some pull."
"Technically, Parallel Lines should be far superior to Driv3r. The engine has been improved to allow for faster streaming and the feeling of speed should dramatically increase. We experienced a few examples of just how fast the muscle cars can tear through the city and it was definitely an improvement from the last game."
"The fourth game in the Driver series is a straightening out, a re-focusing, if you will, on what Driver did so well when it first appeared in the late '90s. The improved out-of-car experience, better gun handling, added driving-and-shooting mechanic, and the slew of changes all culminate in this being a much better outing that Driver 3. It's still not perfect, but it's not broken either. If you're a fan who felt burned by the last one, you'll dig the changes Reflections made here."