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New York in '78 was the coolest place on the planet. Everyone was either finding themselves, or getting laid, including me. I was new to the Big Apple, just a country boy looking to make good. But a few weeks, and it felt like home. From New Jersey to Queens, from the Bronx down to Battery this was my patch, my backyard. 28 years later and the city sparkled like new on the surface. Underneath, the filth was still there, and I had vengeance crawling inside me.


Parallel Lines promises to deliver an experience not seen in a Driver game yet, drawing on influences from other successful franchises. The game will be more open, giving the player more freedom, especially in the missions of story mode, missions can be skipped as you progress. There will also me a variety of minigames that you may choose to do on the side, off and online, as well as the return to the series' roots as a car game, there will be track racing at several points in the game.


  • A return to the series' roots is in store, more car-based elements will be in store.
  • Set in New York City, in 1978, taking the game in a new direction.
  • New story featuring a character known as "The Kid".
  • More open-ended gameplay gives the player more freedom of what he or she would like to do.
  • You can take the game online and play a variety of minigames with the kid down the block or in a country a continent away.

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First off I'm not gonna mention how similar this game is to the current lead game in...

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Driver: Parallel Lines(DPL) is the fourth installment of Reflections' long...

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