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DRIV3R Reviews

website score publish date article quality
www.clubskill.com  --- May 03 '04
Gaming Headlines 7/10 Jul 16 '04
Game Chronicles Magazine 5.0/10 Jul 08 '04
Games Radar UK 90% Jun 15 '04
Kikizo Games 4/10 Jul 30 '04
Game Over 60% Jul 26 '04
GameSpot 5.4/10 Jun 23 '04
IGN PS2 5.4/10 Jun 21 '04
PSX2 6/10 Jul 24 '04
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DRIV3R Previews

website publish date article rating
GameSpot Jun 02 '04
GamingWorld X Feb 07 '04
Thunderbolt Mar 01 '04
Gamespy Jan 15 '04
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Quoted from DRIV3R Reviews:
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"In addition to the traditional gameplay modes, Driver 3 will also feature an upgrade to the replay mode seen in Driver 2. You'll be able to add to or edit the camera angles from replays of what you've just accomplished in the game. You'll be able to choose from chase, first-person, rear, wheel, and tripod cameras. To spice up the visuals, you'll be able to add effects, such as motion blur, slow-mo, and zoom. You'll also have access to a thrill cam, which lets you check out any incredibly cool or insane moments you've performed during the game. While there isn't much difference, in terms of content, between the PlayStation 2 and Xbox games, Driver 3 will be Xbox Live aware, so be sure to log on to the service as soon as you boot it up so that your friends can get ahold of you."
"A bevy of technical problems make portions of the game feel sloppy and unfinished, such that even diehard fans of the series will have a hard time liking Driver 3."
"What I saw and played of the game looked pretty sharp. Even though there's a lot of work to be done, I know I'll have way more fun with this game than I did with Stuntman. The driving is already slick and should get even better over the next few months."
"Even if Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, The Getaway and True Crime didn't exist, DRIV3R would be a disappointment. Despite a clear taste and talent for power slides, Hollywood car chases and destructible cars, Reflections' overall design are hardly an evolution from the previous two titles in the series. More pointedly, the game is rife with technical and design problems."