Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Websites

Sep 05,2004 By: SSJ4Goku89
This site updates something on Budokai 3 daily, and I acutally mean daily. They are the best resource for Budokai 3, Anime, And other Dragonball Z GT related news and information. This site also has over 200 screenshots of Budokai 3!!
Jul 10,2004 By: SSJ4Goku89
This page of this dragonball z site has info, Translation of europe magazines, character lists and much more, I love this page!
Nov 24,2004 By: Krunal
Jul 05,2004 By: Gogeta
Lots of screens.
Jun 17,2004 By: imatramp
A site that gives news on all DBZ games with information and screenshots for Budokai 3.
Nov 24,2004 By: Krunal
Aug 07,2004 By: Super Saiyan Goku
This is a Dragon Ball Z Fansite deeply comitted to following updates on Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 and then reporting them to the public.
Nov 24,2004 By: Krunal
Sep 12,2004 By: Gogeta
- Lots of screens from the Budokai 3 videos.
Aug 11,2004 By: imatramp
Oct 22,2004 By: Revenger of Wastelan
More then 10 pages of new screens and a lot of new videos from different things at DBZ budokai 3!
Nov 14,2004 By: Revenger of Wastelan
The website of the official game guide of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3! Includes movies with Top 10 Moves, Top 5 characters and many more!
Nov 12,2004 By: Son_Goten
This site is French. Also has reviews,screens and videos.
Oct 13,2004 By: imatramp
A spainish site for Budokai 3, it has a very good screen gallery thats regularly updated.