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Cat in the Hat brings is a lush action/adventure game with countless hours of Seussian mayhem. This game brings to life the world as seen in the movie, based off the classic Dr. Seuss children's novel.

As the Cat returns from rescuing the family dog, Nevins, he realizes the house has been turned upside down. By some mysterious force, the Cat's world has suddenly combined with the human world and is expanding at a rapid pace.

The lock that seals the crate between both worlds has been stolen, and it's up to the Cat to find the lock and seal the crate once and for all, before it's too late. Meet favorite characters including Sally, Conrad, Thing 1 and Thing 2 in this amazing game.


  • Master floating moves and other tricks as The Cat using his amazing umbrella.
  • Jump, dodge and capture wacky Seussian creatures, including new ones created just for the game.
  • Features all your favorite characters from the movie.
  • Unlockable bonus content from the film.
  • 16 wild levels full of unique Seussian characters.
May 24, 09 7:21pm
Most boring game EVER. I rate it -8,000,000! The best thing about it is pong. DrSeussTheCatInTheHat Xbox
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MINE! DrSeussTheCatInTheHat Xbox
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