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Downhill domination is an intense mountain bike racing game. Race through forests, streets and caynons in your pursuit of the checkered flag. Features various modes of gameplay with both third and first person perspective view points. Execute a number of different tricks with licensed equipment and proffesial mountain bike riders.


  • In Downhill Domination, there are three unique course styles including Mountain Cross, Technical Downhill and Freeride through 27 expansive and interactive "go anywhere" track designs.
  • During gameplay, players have the freedom to pick the best racing line through unforgiving canyons, forests, city streets and more while avoiding environmental and weather hazards.
  • For points earned, players can upgrade with real-world mountain bike components to enhance performance.
  • In addition to fully customizable bikes, Downhill Domination incorporates more than 30 super tricks and an assortment of "combat" tactics to take down event the most hardened riders.
  • Players can choose from five different multi-player modes, allowing up to four players to race simultaneously.
  • Downhill Domination also features various licensed alternative, punk, hip-hop, techno and classic rock tunes that capture the energy and excitement of each race.

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