Experience the life of a dog as you are a lost dog named Jake. You have been seperated from your best friend Daisy and you must journey to different locations in search of her. Travel to ski-resorts, huge cities and even the rural countryside. Do everything from beg, sit and fetch as you have all the abilites of a dog. Secret mini-games are also included that will give you a chance to race, herd sheep and even mark your own territory.


  • Control and interact with over 15 breeds of dog, each with distinct traits and abilities.
  • Real game variety - each dog handles differently and can be used to solve different puzzles.
  • Unique smellovision mode which allows you to see the world through Jake's eyes.
  • Massive free-roaming environments to explore, with a wealth of characters, mini-games and interactive features to play with.
  • Over 40 hours of accessible play.
  • Ability to converge with NPC' chickens, steal sausages, shake kittens.
  • Nurturing element - keep Jake well-fed and healthy through his adventures

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nasty nappa
Aug 13, 10 11:39am
fun entertaining games where you see life through the eyes of a dog DogsLife PS2
Apr 05, 09 1:36pm
For people who like dogs and their stories. DogsLife PS2
Feb 12, 09 12:13pm
kids game, but i played it and thought it was awesome! DogsLife PS2
Sep 07, 08 7:10pm
added a cheat
Jan 08, 08 3:41am
added a cheat
Apr 26, 07 3:05am
this game rox DogsLife PS2
Nov 28, 05 6:11am
This game is cool for a while, but is really boring DogsLife PS2
Sep 29, 05 7:01am
lol, who wouldn DogsLife PS2
Aug 25, 05 10:50pm
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Jun 23, 05 7:08am
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May 08, 05 11:36am
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Mar 02, 05 2:09pm
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Sep 12, 04 11:42am

When i first got this i throught it would be a let down, but when i started playing i...

Sep 01, 04 10:04pm

Different than most games. I like the ability to "go anywhere". Kind of a challenge....

Aug 22, 04 1:55pm
added 3 new screenshots
Aug 09, 04 7:48am
hmmm...? got it for x-mas from a aunt *oh joy* DogsLife PS2
Aug 02, 04 10:28pm
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Apr 15, 04 11:31am

This game is a kiddies game, it is ok for a while
( Because you can fart and poop )...

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